Sitka Fishing Charters

A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world, where fishing lore is born. Sitka Point fishing charters give rise to legendary tales of hour-long fights, reel-spooling runs, and an angry King Salmon majestically soaring above the water to shake off a lure.

Sitka is home to world class Alaskan salmon and halibut fishing. The wildlife that abounds in and around Sitka is abundant. We could only begin to tell you about the bald eagles, otters, bears and marine life; you have to visit to see for yourself.

2022 Sitka Alaska Salmon Fishing Outlook

Average returns of King and Silver Salmon in Alaska. The halibut stocks are in great shape. The lingcod and rockfish populations are healthy, too.

2022 Sitka Alaska Fishing Limits

The 2022 fish limits will be posted as soon as they are updated by Fish and Game.

* 1 per day, 3 annual until June 30.  1 per day, 2 annual July 1-July 7.  1 annual July 8-Sept.      30.  No retention of King Salmon August 1- August 31.
** 50″ and under or 72″ and over
*** 1 must be between 30-40″  and 1 must be over 55″

Sitka Fishing Seasons