Fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Alaska Deep Sea Fishing

alaska deep sea fishingFishing fanatics around the world recognize and acknowledge that the Northern Pacific outside Sitka’s harbor are one of the best places in Alaska for catching large (over 60 pound!) salmon and (over 150 pound!) halibut. Here, fishing lore is born from hour-long battles with trophy-sized fish, reel-spooling runs, and angry, majestic king salmon soaring above the water trying to shake off a lure.

Here, in the deep Alaskan waters four or five miles out from land, swim really big fish—like our spectacularly large halibut, a bottom fish renowned for both its size and superior flavor.

You will fish for both salmon and halibut within sight of some of the most spectacularly wooded, white-capped mountains in the world. It is common to encounter whales, sea otters, and sea lions while fishing, so make sure to bring a camera and plenty of film!

Alaska River Fishing

alaska deep sea fishingWe now offer alaska river fishing or stream fishing to complement our deep sea option. To learn more about stream fishing, meet the guide, Tad Kisaka.