Sitka Fishing Done Right

Our fishing boats are geared for Alaskan fishing and meet US Coast requirements. These include GPS chart navigation systems, Citizens Band radios, VHF radios and electronic color depth and fish finders.

Our boats have a heated cabin for your comfort. We accommodate groups of four to six fishermen per boat.  This is the best number for safety and comfort out on the water.

Be prepared to start your Sitka fishing experience early.

We will head out bright and early to do some world class Sitka fishing at 5am just after breakfast. The sun will already be up by then and on the way out we will try to catch an early salmon using lures or mooching. (Don’t worry, your friendly crew will explain it all as they help you set your line.)

how we fish in sitka alaskaWe will continue to fish for salmon for a while, then head farther out to try to hook some halibut at the bottom of the Alaskan sea.

During our time out on the Alaskan water, you will be provided wet weather gear and all the tackle required for success—getting salmonhalibut, snapper or lingcod to take home, and lunch, too!

You will be back to shore after about ten hours of fishing. Immediately upon arrival, your catch will be cleaned, cut into pound to pound-and-a-half portions, vacuum packed, flash-frozen and boxed for you to take back on your flight home. You can watch this process or go enjoy the complementary appetizers in the lodge before getting ready to sit down for a gourmet dinner with our renowned chef.